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Happy New Year and a recap of 2017


Happy 2018! I hope its your best yet!

Another year done and dusted, it was a bit of a strange one for me really, yet again lots of January’s to do list is still undone, but I did run off and do some random other stuff instead 🙂

I did a lot of work on my health this year both physical and mental, as I’ve mentioned before I have endometriosis and back problems, which I now think might be two sides of the same coin. This year I tried visceral massage and acupuncture alongside my normal physio. I found both really helpful but very time and money consuming so I was delighted when my yoga teacher Cath suggested Katy Bowman of nutritious movement. Her work has really resonated with me and I’m doing a lot better because of it, and hopefully will just get better and better!

I also went to counselling with Mind because sometimes we all need some help and this year was that for me, my sessions were wonderfully helpful, I still have my pain etc but I have some coping mechanisms which have helped a lot.

Looking back I did a surprising amount of travel, I popped back to Ireland in Feb to surprise my mam, walking into the cinema where she works was hilarious! She had no idea! It was a flying visit but nice to get back home for a day or two.

March was London for the Etsy Captains Summit, as always full of amazing people that I really wish I got to see more often! This year I got to bring my co captain Emily which was great too 🙂 sharing the team has really helped it feel fun and not like a burden. Etsy Made Local this year was even better! Without me having quite the stress levels of previous years! CAVETSY is going from strength to strength can’t wait to see whats next!

In May I went to Italy for the first time, it was for my Mams birthday and we headed to Milan and Lake Como, what a beautiful place! And just the break I needed!


August another trip to London to get involved with the Etsy Educators program and then the most amazing thing happened in September when I got to go to Geneva to talk at the World Trade Organisation! Soooooo amazing! 

I took a lot of photos! And set up my facebook page for my photography. Which is particularly full of the Empire lrp event I went to this summer, this was a much better lrp experience then I had previously! Which is great because my life is about to become a lot about lrp as my husband has just set up Orion Sphere Lrp ! Our house is currently full of half made props and costumes and I’m delighted at the idea of taking photos at it when it happens, because it’s going to look ace!

I also marched for Endometriosis awareness in March, and will hopefully do so again this year!

I ran a photography workshop in June which I loved! I didn’t realise there was such a big part of me that has missed teaching!

I joined in with the amazing auction for aid which raised almost £42,000 thats insane and amazing and wow!

I was part of the Local Artisan pop up shop which was lovely and a chance to meet a whole new group of local makers!

I started going to some red tents, and girls I recommend them! Both the Cardiff and Caerphilly ones are great but I’m sure there is a local one to you too.

I go to work on some lovely commissions over the year, which was really lovely and I’m hoping to do more one offs this year!


With all this happening, I have made new products and they have been in shops but I haven’t gotten them online! It’s a work in progress!  Hopefully I will have photos to share in a week or two.


And I got to spend some time just chilling with friends and bunnies, and going on lots and lots of walks! Not a bad year at all!


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