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Earrings, fairs and blocked sinks.

It’s been a busy day! Got an order for made to order earrings and got them done, very happy with the result J Byzantine chain is always very soothing to make, after a while I get into the zone and lalalala ! They shall be posted first thing in the morning! My first order to Australia. Thats another country off the list, I quite want to get a map and just tick off countries and states as I get orders, I love that my jewellery is going places I probably never will!
Also went to the Made by Hand show, which was full of amazing things! At first I was really quite intimidated by the level of complexity of some of the jewellery on display and then I looked a little closer and thought hey I could do that, and I’m happy to say that no one was doing anything like my silhouettes or chainmail either! So yay!
It did again make me want to get going on the enamelling, which has still not happened on account of a blocked kitchen sink, which means mountains of dishes and no space for the kiln. We’re working on the sink, drain cleaner is in there as I type so hopefully I can FINALLY get cracking on that enamel soon!

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