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Creative day tomorrow! :)

Second day in school down, I’ve survived and I have tomorrow off 🙂 Big creative plans! Several pairs of earrings planned and possibly a few more rings. Got to mix up some resin to finish off a few really nice pieces too. Really really hoping for a bright day to take photos and get some listings set up!

Had no luck from my showcase spot on etsy, to be honest got more hits whenever I just listed something new, so I am looking at other ways to publicise, and seem to get the most traffic when I list early afternoon so going to do that tomorrow. Going to order the postcards I have been much debating and thinking and plotting about, also have set up a facebook page and I’m looking for other ways to publicise opinions welcome! Have been planning a big mail out to everyone on my email list and I think that will probably happen tomorrow too! I have a day and I’m going to use it! HUH!

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