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Craft Fair prep!

Well I was AMAZINGLY productive yesterday! And I got the Hallmarking sent off for the craft fair next week! Very happy with myself! Although should have gotten more done of course! But thats always the way! The biggest bunch of hallmarking I’ve sent and I got the speedy service so I have time to set resin so I’m terrified of how much it’s going to cost! But phew it’s done!
The rest of the week will be focused on Glass and playing with my enamel and making some fab stuff from copper, so the factory is by no means resting for the week, just for the day. After the herculean effort yesterday I need the break! I also need to decide on a winner for the Halloween competition! Winner to follow!
So for anyone in the Cardiff Penarth area, if you’re looking for unique Christmas presents or just for a nice day out and to maybe spoil yourself, come to the Penarth Community rooms 13-15 Tennyson Road, Penarth on Sat the 19th from 10.30 to 4.30.

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