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Busy busy Bunny

Well I’ve been a busy busy bunny the last few weeks, and there are lots of new listings up on both my etsy and folksy shop for you to check out and lots more coming. I’m sending off a bunch of hallmarking tomorrow just getting that together now, and it’s my biggest batch yet! Woohoo!

And I have a crazy bunny jumping around on the carpet behind my chair as I type…very distracting! Life is good! I hope everyone else is doing as well!

So without further ado here are some of the new designs that have just arrived to my shop and or will be arriving soon 🙂

Inspired by a Guinea Pig named Nibbles that got me thinking about my Guinea Pigs when I was a kid, I had a girl and boy Delilah and Samson and they had two litters, Hugie Douie and Louie and then a second bunch eney meany miney and mo, unfortunately mo died 🙁

This week I learnt frogs are associated with fertility and life changes.

The Egyptians believed that seahorses carried the souls of the dead to the underworld
keeping them safe and protected along the way! Big ask for such small little creatures!

See Cats and Dogs can get along!

My models were not working today, they were on strike demanding more banana and broccoli.

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