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Fox Earrings




A pair of sterling silver fox earrings, each fox is handsawn from eco silver a recycled supply of sterling silver and is approx 1.3cm long.

Choose from a mismatched or matching pair of foxes, if you select a matching pair I will make them to face eachother, please also note that they are each individually handsawn so they may not match perfectly, but I’m pretty good 😉 and you probably wont be able to notice the slight difference.

The symbolism of the fox is of the trickster and a teacher with many cultures including the ancient Celts honouring them for their wisdom and as a guide.

Foxes are also amazing athletes which is what I wanted to capture in the poses I’ve chosen, they can run at speeds of up to 30mph!

And group of foxes can be known as a Skulk or an Earth.

Foxes are my surprise animal of May 2019, the cufflinks can be found here.

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